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Clutch Chain HandBags Girly Black Front Bag pqPfa

Clutch Chain HandBags Girly Black Front Bag pqPfa

Anfibio. Matteo RagniCasual Side Satchel Pack Red Messenger Sport Body 1 Foino Bag Fashion Bag Women Girls Shoulder Cross for Bag Travel Wnc7xRFc

It was born from a Matteo Ragni’s idea, Anfibio is the story of an evolving bathroom that changes and model it self together with the ones who live it.

Anfibio expresses, with a contemporary language, the double life of the washbasin, like the double existence the amphibious have, able to adapt themselves to the water and ground at the same time. The project has been inspired thinking about the difference of lifestyle, always changing like the basin functionality. Anfibio Is a passe-partout washbasin, designed to make the bathroom space really protagonist and appropriate for different uses, a hybrid item suitable in any domestic, work or public environment.

Smooth shapes, tops and semi-hidden compartments are the life motive of all the elements which compose the Anfibio system: washbasin+mirror+furniture.

The wide central sink has two big lateral steps to lay glasses and small cups, imagining Anfibio in a bathroom that transforms into multifunctional environment, as happens in some work places like offices or studios. A particular structure behind allows to store stuffs, keeping everything at your fingertips.

Anfibio is an object but also the story of a dynamic society, a bathroom which changes its borders and open to different functions and better sociality.


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